La Serene

I started to paint a seaside with shells and seaweed and then the face and the silhouette appeared. At the same time my husband was reading the book Divine Horsemen, The Living Gods of Haiti by Maya Deren of he looked at the silhouette and the face and said that it reminds him of what he was just reading – the story of La Sirene in voodoo tradition, sometimes referred to as Mambo La Sirene.
According to the Caribbean legend She owns a beautiful palace under water and all the treasures of the seas, hidden secrets, lost golden coins, sunken ships, pearls and corals.
Folklore traditions on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are telling us the story of the female deity or spirit abducting people at sea whilst they are swimming or boating. She enchants them by singing and beauty and takes them to another realm.

As I do not belong to the voodoo tradition I would not dare to offer myself as a channeling medium for Her… I just painted what I was shown and not sure if that is the Godless… but it is certainly an entity of the High Seas and warm sea waters. Peace, love and sea water, sweet pink and light gentle blue.

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