Worthing Artists Open Houses – 2014 – 2018 WAAG OIL PAINTING SOCIETY Exhibition, Worthing, UK – May 2017 ‘Showcase’ at St Paul’s, Worthing, UK – July 2017 Solo Exhibition ‘Samhain’ at Train of Thoughts Emporium, Worthing, UK – November 2017 ‘Resis Tent’ at Greenbelt Festival, Kettering, UK – August 2018 Magical Women Conference, Kensington, London, UK – […]

Artist Statement

Barthes wrote that ‘The Birth of the Reader must come at the cost of the Death of the Author.’ (Roland Barthes, ‘La mort de l’auteur’, 1967).  I wish to create art that gives the audience freedom of interpretation, without imposing my individual personality on the work.   In order to avoid the predominance of my […]

Про Филонова

В этот день, 8 января 1883 года, родился человек, сумевший изобразить всё, являющее всем: любую форму – любой формой, и любой цвет – любым цветом.Прикосновение к холсту по Филонову – это инициация процесса роста, единица действия, создание атома, который есть форма и цвет одновременно. Из точек пигмента на холсте вырастает вселенная: из бесконечно малого – […]


The ancient Druids believed that mistletoe could was a sign of the great sacredness. The one which was growing on the oak was cut of with the golden sickle by specially initiated priests during a special ceremony. people in Celtic and Teutonic traditions believed that the mistletoe could perform miracles, heal and protect. Very interesting […]