We envision the Pareidolia Art Space as a friendly sanctuary for artists who bridge the seen and the unseen, exploring connections between art, spirituality, and the human experience.

In a world dominated by brainless social media algorithms, traditional artists face significant challenges. This is especially true for emerging artists and those who don’t fit into particular box. This relentless pressure can be disheartening and overwhelming.

At Pareidolia Art Space we believe that it is easier to survive together, so we created this website to support one another in our creative journeys.

Our non-commercial project is driven by the belief that solidarity and collaboration can help us maintain the authenticity of our artistic expressions and preserve the soul of art.


  • Participate in our regular online exhibitions

    This is an opportunity to connect with a broader audience. Participation in our online exhibitions is free (although we welcome donations).

  • Become a member

    For a small membership fee to cover our technical team's work, we can create a dedicated page about you on our website, where several of your works will be featured alongside with your links, bio etc.

  • Become an artist of the month

    For those seeking additional recognition, we also offer the chance to become our featured "Artist of the Month," subject to approval by our editing team. If selected, your profile and artwork will be showcased on the front page of the website for an entire month, providing you with heightened visibility and recognition.


We also welcome donations from those who appreciate and support our project. Your contributions help us continue to provide a platform for artistic expression and spiritual exploration.

Join us at Pareidolia Art Space and become part of a friendly community which value sincere honest human made art.