surrealist art


Elena krumgold

I consider my paintings to be live beings.

I started to paint when I was little; at the age of 5 – 6, I won some prizes at the international children’s artists’ competitions and was the youngest student at our local children’s art school.

I was very attached to my art teacher. When she left our town, I stopped painting, I was about 12 years old. I tried to paint again when I was 39 while recovering from an operation and battling post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Being a Quaker I see all life as sacramental, and all days as holy, but at the same time, I find great meaning and inspiration in living in harmony with nature’s seasonal circles respecting the Wheel Of The Year and exploring European pagan traditions.

Being very introverted I’m not too active on the art scene, however, I took part in some exhibitions and events such as the Samhain solo exhibition (Worthing, UK, 2017), Greenbelt Festival (Kettering, UK, 2018), Magical Women Conference (London, UK, 2019), Seeking Roots (Ulverston, 2019) and Geysers of Subconsciousness ​International Surreal Art Show (2020), The Horse in Art, 2019, Aylesbury, It’s a Season to Sparkle, Worthing, 2021 etc.


Every time you buy a painting from me, I donate a part of the money to small local charities in Ukraine.

When I paint I can not have anything exactly planned. First I put chaotic splashes of paint on the canvas and then I see what or rather who is emerging from the surface. I see faces and shadows in marks, cracks, and accidental shapes. Those shapes and shadows just need a bit of highlighting or outlining to help them to emerge fully. I don’t paint them, I just help them to be more visible.