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Eikthyrnir. Magical Deer

Magical Deer

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Oils on canvass, no framing needed, edges painted

50×50 cm


In Norse mythology Eikthyrnir is a stag which stands upon Valhalla and eats the leaves of the world tree, the Yggdrasil ash. The water that flows from its horns gives the source to all the rivers. Apples and acorns grow on his horns.

Nannie’s Afternoon Nap

Nannies Afternoon Nap

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Oils on canvas on board, not framed, can be framed by request

50×40 cm


While their guardians asleep, children exploring a tree of life…
While our conscious mind is resting our soul goes to explore a world of fantasies. Neutralize super-ego, our child-minder and let our child-like subconscious mind go wild.
I don’t know if you noticed a padlock in the corner – guarding sleeping minders, not letting them to control children play.