Artist Statement

Barthes wrote that ‘The Birth of the Reader must come at the cost of the Death of the Author.’ (Roland Barthes, ‘La mort de l’auteur’, 1967).  I wish to create art that gives the audience freedom of interpretation, without imposing my individual personality on the work.
In order to avoid the predominance of my individuality, I use Max Ernst’s technique of ‘preparing’ the canvas through random processes to create an image that pre-exists any artistic intention. I then paint to elucidate what (or whom) I see in the painting. This vision is the result of pareidolia: the phenomenon of intuitive association of objects with faces or other forms due to a vague, partial resemblance.
Because these images are produced and experienced subconsciously, I believe that they can help us to access the reality hidden behind our fixed, conscious notions of what we ‘should’ see, in a similar way to the use of pareidolia in ancient divination rituals such as ceromancy.



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